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This morning…in your email…bad news popped up. A request for changes to a campaign that was approved last week…coming from the C-suite member who knows nothing about marketing.

You pounded out your knee-jerk response…and held your index finger over the send button for 10 seconds…then took a deep breath.

While you sat back and thought through a more adult response, another email popped up. One of your team was hospitalized….

Then you remembered that a very pregnant co-worker starts maternity leave next week.

Plan B…you quickly sent a polite request to your manager to borrow two of your favorites from the campaign that’s winding down. Only to learn that one of them just submitted his resignation.

And the return email popped up…since you’ve been doing so well, your team will take on another product line…

How can it only be 8:45 AM?

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