Editorial Services

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As a professional writer and editor, I respect your words and the unique experience they convey. You are what makes the world a fantastic kaleidoscope. The care and respect that I will bring to your work is unmatched.

You decide whether you want my response to be a 5—gentle guidance, up to a 10—the blunt truth, and I will proceed accordingly. Regardless of the level you prefer, I will always tell you what is good about your writing.

A great editor not only knows what to fix and how to fix it, but also knows what is good and should be left alone. You will not get a manuscript pedantically covered in red. I’ll tell you the parts that you’re excelling in and guide you in the sections that need work.

I use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), and the Modern Language Association (MLA) style guides, and am familiar with APA and AP.

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Copy Editing

This is a line-by-line read-through of your text to correct grammar, spelling, and usage. It is an Editor’s focus on the mechanics of your language, a check of cross-references, and creation of style sheets if requested.

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Line/Content Editing

After your core writing is done, I will read it and smooth out individual sentences or lightly revise passages to make the text smoother and more consistent.

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Developmental Editing

I will read your book, studying the structure of your argument and will make suggestions regarding the placement of various sections. If you’re looking for structural help with your book, early in its conceptualization, this is what you need.

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Need a silent partner to actually do the writing for you? Click on the FREE 30-Minute Consultation below so that we can discuss what you need and set up a schedule of work.

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5 Hours of Editing

Pay 50% ($125) up front and then send me your manuscript. I will work for 5 hours and let you know when I'm done. Then when you send me the remaining 50% ($125) I will send your manuscript back. Total fee is $250. Use the Contact page to send me an email.


How many times I’ve wished I could just walk over to Mary Carol’s desk and have her look at some messy text and help me straighten it out! I can always trust that Mary Carol will find the right words, in the right voice, for the intended audience.

— Linda B., Lead Academic Designer, Fortune 500 Company

Mary Carol always treated us like we were partners. She understand how words and design work together, and she appreciates how the design supports the words. I hope we can work with her again.

—Omar S., Creative Manager, Fortune 500 Company